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Divya Khosla Kumar Comes Out In Support Of Bhushan Kumar Again Post Sonu Nigam’s Allegations

Divya Khosla Kumar shared a video on Instagram making some crucial points and questioned Sonu Nigam. Read below to know more.

Post Sonu Nigam’s strong allegations on Bhushan Kumar accusing him of ‘favouritism’ in the music industry, the latter’s wife Divya Khosla Kumar had first reacted on the same via Instagram story. However, it seems like Divya is not done yet. The actress decided to come out in support of her husband and hit back at Sonu Nigam.

This time Divya has posted a video and made some crucial points and questioned Sonu Nigam. She shared an 11-min long video on her Instagram handle in which she spoke about how T-Series and Bhushan Kumar have given break to a lot of newcomers and talented outsiders in the music industry. She then asks the Kal Ho Naa Ho singer if he has ever promoted new talent. Divya said, “You are such a legend. How many people have you given a break to? No one.”

In the same video, Divya Kumar Khosla addresses that T-Series has given break to a lot of non-star kids. She said, “97% of people working in T-Series are outsiders, not industry kids.” She then also spoke about the assassination of Gulshan Kumar. Divya said that Sonu left T-Series and joined another music company after the assassination of Gulshan Kumar, instead of helping her husband during those tough times.

Divya then again questioned Sonu, “Why would Bhushan come to you to save himself from Abu Salem? Did Sonu Nigam ji have relations with Abu Salem?”  The actress then demanded an investigation on the same.

Further in the video, Divya Kumar Khosla shed the light on the #MeToo allegations levied on her husband back in 2018. She said that those allegations were fabricated but they never pressed any charges on the woman who allegedly accused her husband. She quizzed Sonu by asking, “What is #MeToo Sonu ji? Should I accuse you of #MeToo? Should I say you are a #MeToo rapist? Will you turn into a #MeToo rapist then?”

The video shared by Divya is captioned, “The Bitter Truth #SonuNigam”. The actress further revealed that post Sonu’s video, her family has been receiving threats. While Bhushan Kumar is receiving death threats, she is receiving rape threats on social media. She then says Sonu Nigam that ‘The War Is On’.

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