Diljit’s Sarcastic Dig At Kangana During His Speech Is Savage

Best known as the most versatile and globally prominent Pollywood / Bollywood superstar, Diljit's sarcastic dig at Kangana during his speech is savage.

The farmer’s protest is creating a strong wave of revolution and rebellion in our country right now where in from past few days, globally renowned Bollywood superstar and Punjabi singer Diljit who has been giving unconditional love and his entire support to the farmers in the ongoing farmer’s protest and also spoke up against the Bollywood’s fearless actress Kangana is being lauded and praised by many for the same. Recently, this is indeed the exciting update where Diljit’s sarcastic dig at Kangana during his speech is savage.

Diljit has ended up winning the hearts of the netizens and his fans across the globe where even Punjabi music and film industry is feeling proud of him for taking this step against the controversy queen Kangana’s hurtful and brash tweets on social media where currently his fans, the social media users along with the netizens felt very happy and calm when Diljit’s sarcastic dig at Kangana during his speech is savage.

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The globally loved Pollywood / Bollywood superstar Diljit Dosanjh has managed to win the love, accolades and hearts of the netizens where even both the bollywood and Pollywood film / music industry is praising him and coming out in his support after his nasty and ugly social media war of words with the national award winning actress Kangana where after Kangana made a insensitive and rude now deleted controversial tweet about an elderly old woman by telling that this Shaheen Bagh Dadi is always just available for any protests and rallies in Rs. 100 post which this war started and when Kangana called Diljit as Karan Johar’s pet in her tweet that’s when all hell broke loose but ultimately this entire controversy resulted in everyone loving Diljit for his non-abusive way of roasting Kangana that too respectfully and now as of late, it all comes down to the fact that Diljit’s sarcastic dig at Kangana during his speech is savage.

On twitter, a netizen made his tweet on the ongoing farmer’s protest and also wrote, “Here comes the KING @diljitdosanjh So proud of you Don’t miss the savage taunt at the end #8_दिसंबर_भारत_बन्द #TakeBackFarmLaws”.

Source: I am GSB Twitter. he posted the video and lauded Diljit for his humility and being so much down to earth.

In that social media user’s shared video, we can see Diljit coming on stage to give his speech where the Udta Punjab (2016) fame stellar Bollywood star is totally supporting the farmers, Speaking in Hindi, he told, “I want to convince the government to accept the farmer’s demands and am also requesting humbly to the media that please do give us your support, as these farmers are only calmly and non-violently sitting with their demands”.

Furthermore, continuing on the same, Diljit also specifically asserted, “I want to say to the government- Do not divert from the issues. There is no other discussion going on here apart from that related to farmers. Whatever the farmers want, the government should accept. All are sitting peacefully. There is no talk of bloodshed. Everyone twists [facts] on Twitter”.

Focusing more on the fact that that this protest is happening peacefully, Diljit also mentioned clearly how there is no talk of bloodshed and pointed out how facts are being manipulated and also twisted on Twitter. At the end of his speech, Diljit said, “Hindi main bhi bol raha hun phir badh me Google na karna pade. (I am also speaking in Hindi, so that no one has to google it)”.