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Diljit Defends Farmers After 18 Hours Of Silence On Twitter

After the most dirtiest publicized social media war with Kangana, Diljit went totally missing in action for 18 hours from social media platforms. After which, he finally defended farmers after 18 hours of silence on Twitter.

Post the ugly and nasty social media war with the style queen Kangana, Diljit went totally missing in action mode and quiet for almost 18 hours on social media platforms and now finally, Diljit defends farmers after 18 hours of silence on Twitter.

The social media tussle of words exchanged between both Kangana and Diljit on Thursday was really just too much and after which slowly, even Bollywood actors came in Diljit’s support and slammed Kangana by bashing her for the controversial tweet which triggered all this. But now, we can feel the tension has lessened quite a bit, as Diljit defends farmers after 18 hours of silence on Twitter.

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Pouring in his unconditional love and support for the farmers in Punjab amidst the ongoing farmers protest, Diljit defends farmers after 18 hours of silence on twitter post his biggest and dirtiest social media heated argument with national award winning actress Kangana Ranaut where the globally prominent Pollywood / Bollywood superstar shared pictures of farmers protesting on his Twitter account.

On his official twitter handle, the singer actor shared pictures of farmer’s protesting and wrote a caption that read, “Rab Da Roop #farmerProtest #standwithfarmerschallange”.

From this tweet, Diljit is stating that come what may, he will be standing by the side of the farmers in this ongoing protest where all his love and support is with them and also rab da roop in the tweet means the form of God.

Through this tweet of his, the actor has silently requested and also kind of told his fans to stand by his side in this difficult and testing time amidst the ongoing farmers protest.

Diljit’s post has a picture of an old farmer who is seen sitting on the wooden bed in the middle of a road. Also, this old farmer’s picture has most likely been clicked during the farmer’s protest in Punjab. Other picture shared by the bollywood star shows women who are cooking meals and food for the farmers who are protesting.

Source: Diljit Dosanjh Twitter. He posted these two images thereby making it clear that all his love and support is with the farmers in this farmers protest.

Meanwhile, in the past few days, many Bollywood celebrities which include actors from the Punjabi film and music industry have given their reaction and came out in total solidarity and united support to the Farmers in Punjab, amidst the protest. Rangoon (2017) stunning actress Kangana Ranaut made tweets expressing her harsh and views on the protest by using an insensitive and rude language by insulting the old elderly woman in her now deleted tweet which angered many Pollywood celebs who then also bashed and criticized Kangana and after that, she ended up blocking a few on Twitter.

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