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Digangana Suryavanshi- A ‘Star Kid’ Who Isn’t A Star Kid!

It’s no new news that the filmmakers have favored the children and grandchildren of legendary actors who have ruled the movie screens and have won millions of hearts around the globe. They may call it the ‘acting genes’ or the networking, but some qualities that all-star kids do possess are good looks, undeniable charm, and panache, but at the same time there’s something so simple about them- something so effortless. One such actress who has no filmy background whatsoever is Digangana Suryavanshi. She’s been acting since the age of seven and has maintained a very low profile through the years.

In this exclusive interview, we talk to her about her passion for acting, her love for simplicity, and much more.

Our first question to her about the beginning of her journey. She took a deep breath and seemed to have gone back in time in her mind to answer our question. She then said as she gently giggled, “I remember telling my father that I wanted to be INSIDE the television box. I didn’t even know that acting as a profession back then. But well, over time, my parents understood that my fascination with acting wasn’t just a phase but my passion”. Digangana made his debut as an actor at the age of seven with the show Kya Haadsa Kya Haqeeqat.

While Digangana is predominantly known as an actor, not many know that she released her first music album called Devi Kheer Khaalo at the age of ten. For the song, she learned the Bundelkhand accent after just rehearsing a few times and aced it! Talking about the same, she says, “I heard and practiced some songs which were already released. So after I gave my first shot to it so it really sounded very devotional. And I and my parents are very much inclined towards Vaishno Devi so starting my career with a devotional track was like icing on the cake”.

As we chatted, the young actress also opened up on how due to her busy shooting schedule, she was always inundated with work and studies and could not take out time for music, but how it was and is a very integral part of her heart. “I have always loved acting, singing, writing immensely. But both acting and singing require an equal amount of time an equal amount of energy. And since all my energies were mostly driven towards acting and I was more accepted as an actor. But with singing, I had to start from scratch but that idea got piled up with other things. The other half of the side took over but it will always remain special to me” she says.

The actress then became the author of two books, first Waves: The Endless Emotions at the age of fifteen, and then the novel Nixie the Mermaid and the Power of Love at the age of sixteen. She joked about how people thought she would never finish writing the novel, and when she actually did, she left everyone pleasantly surprised.

Digangana, at age sixteen, was having one of the most successful careers in the daily soap biz. But she decided to make the big switch to films. The actress who’s known for never have used glycerine to shed tears on-screen was at first discouraged for doing so. But then she went onto making one of the most iconic debuts in the history of Bollywood by having two films release on the silver screen on the same day. She served a fantastic performance in both her debut films, Jalebi, and FryDay AMD has even made her film debut down south.

Even after achieving much in life at such a young age, Digangana stays humble, down-to-earth, and simple in the truest sense. Almost always seen without makeup, big curious eyes, and chuckles like a child when we compliment her. She truly is a star kid.

Watch her next in the upcoming Bollywood film, The Battle of Bhima Koregaon, Telugu film, Seetimaarr, and many more films yet to be announced.

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