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Did you know: Salman Khan was an excellent swimmer in school days

The name Salman Khan is enough to make any movie break the box office record. 

Apparently, Salman Khan possesses a lot of talent other than acting. We have seen him singing and painting, but did you know that he is a great swimmer as well. During his childhood While he was in school, he was once considered to represent at the national level in a Swimming competition.

At a promotional event for one of his films, the Dabaang star talked about how he was tied to a rope and then he was tossed into a neighboring well on his very first day of swimming training.

He said, “I learned swimming in Indore in a well when I was nine years old. My cousins tied a rope around my waist and threw me into the well and said ‘now move your arms and legs and you will learn swimming’. There was a turtle in the well, a small fish and a big fish and a water snake. I got so scared that I learned how to swim to save my life. After that, I won many certificates,” 

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