Did You Know Deepika Padukone And Amrita Rao Are Relatives?

Bollywood is a big industry and yet so small. Everybody knows everyone and most of the times we don’t even know that the two celebrities are distant relatives. For example, for a long time, people didn’t know that Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor are cousins. And similarly, you will be shocked to know that the two beautiful Konkani ladies Deepika Padukone and Amrita Rao are related to each other. Well, actually, Deepika Padukone’s cousin brother married Amrita Rao’s cousin sister last year and that is how they both met and became distant relatives. Deepika, along with her husband Ranveer Singh and Amrita Rao with her husband RJ Anmol attended the wedding and the two actresses shared a great bond.Deepika Padukone, Amrita Rao, Ranveer Singh, Bollywood Actors,