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Dia Mirza breaks down at JLF 2020; gets trolled by netizens

Dia Mirza broke down during the Jaipur Literature Festival as she spoke about climate issues. After refusing to take the tissue she was given, she was trolled by netizens and compared with Greta Thunberg

Climate change is a growing problem, one day at a time, reluctant to destroy the earth. Celebs and people all over the world talk about these issues and work to ensure a safe environment for people to thrive. Bollywood actress Dia Mirza is usually seen taking steps to save the world. And that is precisely what happened at yesterday’s Jaipur Literature Festival.

On Monday Dia visited the festival and dissolved into tears when she spoke about climate conditions and the environment. As she said she was seen weeping in tears. “Don’t hold back from being an empath. Don’t be afraid of shedding your tears, Feel it, feel the full extent of everything. It’s good. It gives us strength. It does. And this is not a performance. “After her speech got over she was offered a napkin to wipe off her tears and the actress refused to take it.

This called in a lot of Twitterati trolls, who left comments like “MEET Dia Mirza – Our Desi Sasti Greta Thunberg & after How Dare you; its “I dont need Paper” #DiaMirza”, “Dia Mirza wont use paper but will continue to use her posh environment polluting SUV coz Hypocrisy is birthright of Left Liberals #Diamirza” and “The hotel AC/ heater where she is staying in jaipur should be cut first & Put her on a tent in the dessert”.

Here we have the comments on Dia’s speech trolling her for this act:

Just two days ago, Dia posted an alarming post with the trending meme ‘ LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, ‘ initiated by Dolly Parton which had pictures of Earth on three blocks of the collage and ‘ Nope ‘ with no Earth on the fourth block, suggesting that Earth wouldn’t be there soon, due to the changes in the climate. She wrote “Nuff Said” I as the caption.

Dia is the official UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, SDGs Advocate UN Secretary-General, Ambassador of WildLife Trust of India and Save The Children.

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