Detailed: Why Was Raveena Tandon Attacked In Mumbai? What Really Happened?

On Saturday night in Mumbai, Raveena Tandon faced a confrontation with a group of women. Here's why it happened and what unfolded.

Raveena Tandon became embroiled in controversy when a group of women confronted her on Saturday night. According to the group, the actor, accompanied by her driver, allegedly assaulted three women, one of whom was elderly. Subsequently, a video capturing the incident surfaced online, shocking Raveena Tandon’s fans.

Did Raveena Tandon’s Driver Hit The Women?

A circulating online video depicts Raveena surrounded by a group of women who allege that both the actor and her driver assaulted them. The incident unfolded near Raveena’s residence in Bandra. Initial reports suggested that Raveena’s driver was implicated in a reckless driving incident, purportedly causing injuries to three individuals. Another narrative that garnered attention implied that both Raveena and her driver were intoxicated during the incident.

What Really Happened With Raveena Tandon?

In reality, neither her driver nor Raveena were drunk when the incident took place. A senior Mumbai Police official told Mid-Day, that the complainant filed a false report in the viral video. After reviewing the entire CCTV footage of the society, the police determined that the actress’s driver was reversing the car from the road into the society when this family crossed the same lane. The family halted the car and advised the driver to ensure no one was behind the vehicle before reversing, sparking an argument between them.

Sources close to Raveena informed ETimes that she was alone with her children at home when the incident occurred. She emerged to defend her driver, who was being harassed by the other party.

The altercation escalated into verbal abuse, Raveena attempted to shield the driver from the mob; however, the mob began hurling abuse at her. Both Raveena Tandon and the family visited the Khar police station and lodged written complaints. Subsequently, they both also submitted letters expressing their desire not to pursue any complaints.

No injuries occurred during this incident. After reviewing the CCTV footage, it was confirmed that the car did not collide with anyone, and the actress was not intoxicated.

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