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Desi Netizens Slam Film Ludo Over A Ram-Leela Scene

Yet again another hit film has been trolled by the Indian twitterverse where Desi netizens slam film maker Anurag Basu's film Ludo over a Ram-Leela scene.

Frankly speaking, nowadays social media platforms are becoming more accustomed and normal to trolling, bashing and mocking actors and their films which is especially seen in Instagram and Twitter. After the kissing scene in Netflix’s film A Suitable Boy (2020) was slammed by the fans now yet another film has been criticized the same way. We are talking about the Barfi (2012) fame exemplary Bollywood noted film maker Anurag Basu’s latest successful film Ludo (Netflix, April 2020). This indeed not surprising anymore as now yet again Desi Netizens slam film Ludo over a Ram-Leela scene.

Desi Twitterverse is back to brutally bashing and boycotting yet another renowned Indian film maker Anurag Basu, whose critically acclaimed and successful Ludo is currently streaming on the globally prominent OTT streaming platform Netflix. The most interesting scoop of the day is that Desi netizens slam film Ludo over a Ram-Leela scene.

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This is true that Anurag is facing a lot of wrath and ire from the fans, netizens, social media users, and audiences for making fun and also indirectly trying to laugh at our ancient Hindu culture and gods. The bone of contention and matter at the moment in this whole saga is the scene from the film Ludo, wherein we can see the A lister nuanced B town superstar Rajkummar Rao’s character dressed up as the cult Indian mythological villainous Surpanakha in a local Ram-Leela and after this scene, the character soon gets ensued and embroiled in a fight and starts abusing, still dressed up as Surpanakha.

It was not only this scene, but, in yet another scene from the film, we see that all the actors are decked and dressed up as Hindu Gods can be seen pushing a car. According to our Desi netizens and Indian twitteratis, it is a direct way of attacking and maligning our Hindu culture, insulting our Hindu Gods and so on. After this, #Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu got trending on Twitter thanks to the fact that our Desi netizens slam film Ludo over a Ram-Leela scene.

Let’s see some of the most interesting tweets with the hashtag #Hinduphobic_AnuragBasu on Twitter –

Source: Swati Keshri Twitter. She has slammed the film Ludo over the controversial Ram-Leela scene.
Source: Mohan Gowda Twitter. He has also slammed the film brutally as it indirectly takes a dig at our Hindu gods and Hindu religion as a whole.
Source: Deepak Nadgire Twitter. He has also expressed his ire at the film and director Anurag Basu as it takes a dig at our Indian culture.
Source: Shiva Dhage Twitter. He has also criticized Anurag Basu and his film Ludo by citing that he wouldn’t dare show these scenes featuring other religions.

Though social media users asked for the I & B (Information and Broadcast) ministry to intervene, there has been no official response from either Anurag Basu or the ministry.

What is your take on this raging controversy? Do let us know in the comments below.

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