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Delhi Crime Wins Best Drama Series At International Emmys 2020

Its a proud moment that finally even our country India is being noticed on a global level that too internationally, as Delhi Crime wins best drama series at International Emmys 2020.

It’s indeed a very proud moment for our country and Bollywood film fraternity as a whole, as Indian webseries of Netflix India’s Delhi Crime wins best drama series at International Emmys 2020.

Indeed some digitally brilliant masterpieces which are being made in India for Indian audiences are slowly starting to get the global recognition and fame where our hearts are swelling with pride and elation to see that Netflix India’s webseries Delhi Crime wins best drama series at International Emmys 2020.

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After this big milestone achievement for the Delhi Crime webseries, the star cast including Shefali Shah, Rajesh Tailang, and Adil Hussain are feeling very euphoric and jubilant for the same and have reacted on it as well.

On 23rd November 2020 at Monday night, Netflix limited series drama ‘Delhi Crime’ won the best drama series at the 48th International Emmys 2020 where the series leading lady, Shefali Shah who played the strictly no non sense cop in it, can’t stop herself from dancing with joy.

Shefali was quoted saying this to the series writer after their big win where she said, “I am euphoric, ecstatic and whatever other synonyms you can find in the thesaurus. It’s a huge moment of pride. The first Indian show to win the Emmys….. and irrespective of our win I’ve always felt sooooo proud of being a part of DC. It’s the best show I can think of from Indian content. It deserves all the appreciation it’s garnering”.

The finely nuanced Bollywood film actor Adil Hussain who played the character of Shefali’s colleague in the police force in Delhi Crime feeling ecstatic said, “I feel thrilled and vindicated. It is a series where one of the most grave and horrific crimes in India is told with utmost respect and abiding by the laws of High Art. I am so very happy for Richie Mehta, the man who put four years of his life to research, write and direct the series. Who put together an excellent cast led by brilliant Shefali Shah and Rajesh Tailang. And equally brilliant crew. Big Historic Win”.

Rajesh Tailang who gave the path breaking and sterling best performance as a sleepless cop in Delhi Crime is finding it very difficult to believe their big win and he said, “What to say? I am in a daze. This project was so close to our hearts because of the true-life crime which had outraged the nation. My association with director Richie Mehta is very old. Delhi Crime was always important for all of us. It is even more important now. Winning an Emmy is  not just a matter of pride for us in the Delhi Crime team but for everyone”.

The series director Richie Mehta quipped, “I never anticipated getting here – it’s the culmination of years of work by hundreds of people, sometimes in total isolation and defiance. Delhi Crime is a complete labour of love, born out of sadness, anger, frustration, and ultimately, compassion. The entire team from start to finish should take a bow for giving their all to this vision”.

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