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Deepika Padukone to Anushka Sharma: Here’s All Hair Inspo You Need For This Wedding Season

Bollywood Actresses ae give you all hairstyle inspiration for the ongoing wedding season.

The monsoon season has ended and the next season that begins soon after is the season of weddings and this season is the most expensive season of all. Getting ready for a wedding means taking care of a lot of things like making a  decision on the perfect outfit and how to style your hair.

Well, today we are here to reduce a little of your pressure by sharing with you pictures of Bollywood actresses who have been giving hairstyle inspiration through their own for this wedding season.

1) The Low Bun

The retro hairstyle of the low bun is still the great hairdo. It is u to you on how you complete the hairstyle wither you can use your complete hair in the low bun or you can leave some curled up near your ears. The choices are just like what we can see in the images below.

2) Straightened Hair

Just like we can see in the below image how Deepika Padukone looks really graceful in the staright hair style. This centered parted straight is also tagged as the rescue hairdo as whenever there is confusion about which hairstyle to do, this can be your answer.

3) The Wavy Texture

Wavy and Textured open hair is the primary hairdo you can opt for. Just as we can see in the below images actresses are fond of this hairstyle and totally love slaying it.

According to us this hairstyles can prove really inspirational to all the young girls out there trying to get ready in this wedding season.

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