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How Deepika Padukone Prepared Herself For The Most Challenging Character Of Her Career

Deepika, who can be seen playing an adulterous character in her upcoming film ‘Gehraiyaan’ says she had to dig in her past to develop the character.

Shakun Batra’s upcoming film “Gehraiyaan” revolves around heartbreaks and infidelity, at least that’s what one can make out from the trailer that was released a few days back. Fans have lauded Deepika’s performance in the trailer, while Deepika revealed how she transformed herself into the character.

At the trailer launch event, Deepika, who plays ‘Alisha’ in the noir drama movie, shared her experience of digging deep in order to resonate with the character. She revealed how the character demanded her to be ‘emotionally naked’ and that it only comes from deep within.

Revealing how she got emotionally connected to the character, Deepika shared, “I had to dig deep and revisit places that weren’t pleasant. I had to revisit experiences from my own life, as well as [my experience of] dealing with mental health issues. All of that [helped me play] this character that needed to be raw, naked, and vulnerable.”

Director Batra mentioned how they tried making Deepika’s past experiences in the making of the film, “We spoke about her anxiety, her experiences in different relationships and how we can make that a part of the story. I was trying to draw her real self into the character,” he added.

Batra also proudly states that his movie is not like any other movie we have seen in Bollywood so far, “Gehraiyaan” is a film of its own kind. He said, “Here, infidelity is not under the garb of finding that one true love. I am trying to explore relationships that step outside the conventional boundaries.”

During the virtual trailer launch event, producer of the film Karan Johar mentioned how the trailer only scratches the surface of the film and that the movie has more layers to it.

“The trailer scratches the surface but there is a lot more than meets the eye. At the face of it, you might think it is a film about infidelity-based relationships but it is not just that. It is talking about so much more, choices and consequences of so much more,” he concluded.

The movie casts Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ananya Pandey too and is all set to release digitally on 11 February 2022.

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