Deepika Padukone Shuts Down Surrogacy Rumors, Flaunts Her Baby Bump At Voting Booth

Soon-to-be mommy, Deepika Padukone shut down trolls and rumors about surrogacy as she flaunted her baby bump at voting booth.

As the 2024 Lok Sabha elections unfold in India, Phase 5 witnessed numerous Bollywood actors casting their votes early at polling stations in Maharashtra. With great enthusiasm, they displayed their commitment to civic duty, posing for photographs proudly displaying their inked fingers as evidence of voting. Among the participants were Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, who are expecting their first child.

Donning coordinating attire, Deepika and Ranveer made their way through a crowd of fans to reach the polling booth. Ranveer, displaying his protective nature, accompanied Deepika, holding her hand as they walked together. Both opted for stylish yet simple ensembles, clad in crisp white shirts and blue jeans as they exercised their voting rights. Notably, Deepika proudly showcased her baby bump for the first time, tenderly cradling it while posing for photographs with a radiant smile.

Deepika Padukone Surrogacy Rumors

For those unaware, shortly after the couple announced their pregnancy in February, many internet users started speculating whether they were considering surrogacy. These rumors emerged as some netizens pointed out the apparent absence of a baby bump when Deepika was frequently seen at different events.

Following the same they claimed that the couple might be opting for surrogacy since the actress’ baby bump was not very visible. However, now Deepika’s recent appearance during voting for Lok Sabha Elections has finally put an end to the rumors, clearing the air once and for all.

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