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Deepika Padukone Reveals keeping thread-needle handy for fixing Ranveer’s clothes!

This weekend, a double celebration is around the corner as Bollywood’s most anticipated actor Deepika Padukone will be seen celebrating her birthday and new year on The Kapil Sharma Show. Deepika aka Kapil’s Deepu will be visiting set for the very first time.

The phrase ‘life comes to a full circle’ sounds true here because Kapil started his show welcoming Ranveer Singh as his first guest who had recently married Deepika. A fun-filled banter tickled between Kapil and Ranveer when he was seen teasing Kapil with Deepika’s name. Marking a joyous New Year celebration Kapil and the entire team welcomed Deepika wholeheartedly with a bang on birthday surprise on 5th January. While promoting her upcoming release Chhapaak with Meghana Gulzar actress will be seen sharing some amusing stories of Ranveer and her relationship.

In a candid conversation, Kapil posed a quirky question at Deepika. He asked about a rumor that Deepika keeps some safety pin and thread-needle handy in her emergency kit all the time to fix Ranveer’s clothes as he keeps on doing difficult dance steps. Agreeing to the statement Deepika comments, “Yes this is true. And this has happened to me.” Narrating the incidence, she adds, “We were going to a music festival in Barcelona. Ranveer was wearing loose pants and was doing a weird dance step. There I heard an unusual voice of his pants getting ripped off. There in the middle of the party, I took out the thread and needle from my bag and fixed his pants. While everyone around there was busy dancing and I was stitching his pants.”

Continuing the conversation Kapil enquired from Deepika If she does all basic Household chores that a housewife does, she replied that “Yes, I buy milk daily for the house and also prepare daily weekly and monthly lists of grocery shopping. He later asked if she secretly takes money from her husbands’ wallet to which Deepika replied, “Yes like any other normal housewife I sometimes take money from his wallet.”

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