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Deepika Padukone Deletes ALL Her Social Media Posts

Deepika Padukone has deleted all her social media posts on the first day of 2021.

Deepika Padukone has welcomed the New Year in a very different manner. The actress has deleted all her posts from her social media handles. This includes Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Deepika has 52.6 million followers on Instagram, 33.7 million on Facebook and 27.7 million on Twitter.

Initially, everyone speculated that Deepika’s social media accounts were hacked. But turned out that it was a planned thing. Deepika has decided to start afresh with 2021. She has posted an audio note in which she can be heard saying, “Hi everyone, welcome to my audio diary, a record of my thoughts and feelings. You know, I am sure all you will agree with me that 2020 was a year of uncertainties for everybody. But for me it was also about gratitude and being present. And as for 2021, all I can wish for, for myself and everyone around me is good health and peace of mind. Happy New Year!”

Meanwhile, Deepika is currently vacationing in Ranthambore with hubby Ranveer Singh.

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