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Deepika Padukone Bagged Her Debut Movie ‘Om Shanti Om’ Without An Audition

Deepika Padukone made her Bollywood debut with Om Shanti Om but interestingly landed the role without an audition

Deepika Padukone is one of the A-lister actresses in the industry right now. The leading lady of Bollywood has completed 15 years with her debut movie Om Shanti Om. In her first ever silver screen movie she appeared as a female lead opposite Shah Rukh Khan. In Farah Khan’s hit film she played a double role being a newcomer.

Recently, Padukone revealed how she bagged a role in Shah Rukh Khan starrer. Interestingly, she landed the role without an audition. The Bajirao Mastani actress made her Bollywood debut with the 2007 hit film Om Shanti Om. In the movie, she played the role of a popular actress whereas SRK was her fan. While both characters were important but audience found Deepika’s character of more weightage. She impressed everyone with her first movie and grabbed all the fame. 

In the latest podcast with The Business Of Fashion, BOF, Deepika spoke about how she got a role in `Om Shanti Om`. She said, “Farah Khan, who is the director I debuted with, saw this photoshoot and took it to Shah Rukh Khan. He was doing a film called Chak De! India in Australia. Farah took these photos and showed them to Shah Rukh and told him, “She`s the face. I found the face”. They were looking to cast a new face and mind you, a double role of one character who is like the old world Bollywood heroine Hema Malini or Wahida Rehman, and the other role was this young Indian modern woman. Without auditioning me or without having ever met me, she took the pictures to Shah Rukh.” 

SRK later gave Farah Khan a green light for Deepika Padukone and she went on to do her first Bollywood movie with the biggest superstar and one of India`s biggest female directors. She got this amazing opportunity without even auditioning for the role. Om Shanti Om was her commercial successful movie. 

Since then she went on to do two movies with King Khan. The duo appeared together in films like Chennai Express, and Happy New Year which was again directed by Farah Khan. Both will now be sharing screens in upcoming movies Pathaan and Jawan. 

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