Deepak Tijori Files A Complaint Against Tipppsy Co-Producer For Cheating Him

Deepak Tijori has accused co-producer Mohan Nadaar of cheating. Claims that Tipsssy's co-producer defrauded him of Rs 2.6 crores.

Bollywood actor Deepak Tijori has accused co-producer Mohan Nadaar of cheating. According to his allegation, Tipsssy’s co-producer defrauded him of Rs 2.6 crores. The Indian Criminal Code sections 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing the handover of property) and 406 (criminal breach of trust) are the subject of the case, which was reported to the Amboli police station (IPC).

According to ANI reports, Mumbai Police have already begun looking into the situation. Deepak disclosed to the Mumbai Police that Mohan collaborated with him to co-produce the suspenseful movie Tipppsy. The project was going to be directed by the actor. He disclosed to the police that the 2019 London filming of the project was planned. Nadar received Rs 2 crores and 60 lakhs from Deepak. Yet, he claimed that the movie was not finished in time. He demanded the money be returned, but Mohan continued avoiding him by making excuses. Also, Deepak said that Mohan’s checks frequently bounced, which is what prompted him to lodge a complaint. The Amboli officer stated that although the inquiry has begun, no one has been arrested as of yet.

In September 2019, Nadaar allegedly accepted payment for a location in London, according to Deepak’s allegation. The co-producer was compensated after promising to refund the funds, but in addition to making excuses, the checks also kept bouncing. Speaking of the film, production on the project began in London in 2019. In addition to failing to finish the project, Nadaar also suffered a loss of Rs 2.6 crore.

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