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Crying Man Falls Into Sonu Sood’s Feet For Helping Him Get A Job

A poor man looking for a job falls into Sonu Sood's feet and cries after the actor helps him get a job.

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has helped thousands of people in the last one year. The actor who played a villain in the films emerged out to be the messiah for the common man. Every other day, we come across heartwarming news of Sonu Sood going an extra mile to help people in need.

On Sunday, he was spotted outside his residence where he met people who had come to meet him with the hope that he would help them as well. A young man who hails from Delhi was in desperate need of a job.

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Seeing him, Sonu called his friend who owns a business of E-Rickshaw and asked him to hire the guy. Sonu then assured the poor man that he would get the job and his problems will go away. Hearing this, the man burst into tears and fell into Sonu Sood’s feet. The actor then comforted him that he need not worry about anything now.

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