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Crowd Goes Crazy Over Ram Charan’s Performance In RRR

Fans of Ram Charan gathered on streets in huge numbers on the release day of RRR.

Waking up on March 25th morning, the D Day of RRR release has been more than exciting for the fans in India. The lucky ones who got to watch the early morning show in India and the ones aboard who watched it a few hours before Indians are awestruck and mind boggled. If there is one thing, all the movie-goers are talking about, then it is about Ram Charan.

Mega Power Star Ram Charan, who was calm through the interviews and promotions proved to everyone that he is a storm and he can blow people away with this terrific performance.

Tweets are pouring in about Ram Charan which says that they cannot stop thinking about Ram Charan after watching RRR. A few others said, “Ram Charan emotes through his eyes, rebel through his body language and proves yet again that he is a rare mixture of class and mass. Directors should cast him as Lord Rama asap !

Ram Charan’s fans also came out on the streets to shower their love and support on the release day.

Each time history refers to the Telugu freedom fighter Alluri Seetharama Raju, the only image that is going to come to the minds of people going forward, is of Mega Power Star Ram Charan. His performance is the only thing being spoken about all over the Internet.

Man of few words, Ram Charan has again proved that he is a man of powerful actions and a few words. From emoting through his eyes to intense acting, Ram Charan with a few words and a lot of action is telling the world that he is an actor the world will cherish for a lifetime.

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