Critics Call Kunal Kemmu Kanjoos Makhichoos Black Comedy A Mess!

Kanjoos Makhichoos' film lacks the finesse to be a good comedy and the subtlety to be a hard-hitting drama

Movies have always been a part of entertaining people some movies could not make it to the heart of viewers. Unfortunately, Kanjoos Makhichoos gets it horribly wrong and the end result is a khichdi that is neither tasty nor pretty to look at.

The film Vipul Mehta is said to be a black comedy about a greedy man in Lucknow named Jamuna Prasad (Kunal Kemmu). After losing his parents (Piyush Mishra and Alka Amin) in a natural disaster, he realizes that corrupt government officials will not pay him full compensation. Just as he is about to make his peace with it, a spoiler twist turns his life and the film upside down. Kanjoos Makhichoos is the story of how Jamuna and his wife (Shweta Tripathi) try to save his life.

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Dark comedy offers filmmakers a lot, and one of them is the ability to balance comedy with farce and drama. In the end, the film oscillates between light moments of fun and dark melodrama without knowing exactly what it wants to be. This robs the film of its identity and any narrative cohesion. The sequences appear to be glued together rather than flowing as a single fluid storyline.

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This means that Kanjoos Makhichoos wastes the entire first half just building the premise and also bores us with a few memorable songs. When an imaginary Sukhwinder Singh centered around tragedy doesn’t hit you in the gut, you know the creators have failed somewhere.

Kunal Kemmu is serious but fails badly in the comedy scene which is a shame as he has shown in the past that he can do good comedy. An actor like Piyush Mishra has been partially reduced to poor acting, which is quite indicative of the state of the production. Raju Srivastava appears as a corrupt government official in his last screen appearance. He certainly deserves better.

Kanjoos Makhichoos’ film lacks the finesse to be a good comedy and the subtlety to be a hard-hitting drama. The anti-corruption message also seems like a half-hearted sermon. The film fails on all fronts. The film will be broadcast on Zee5. Only watch if you have nothing better to do!

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