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Covid Positive Swara Bhaskar Replies To Trolls Who Are Praying For Her Demise

Swara Bhaskar received hate comments after she informed on Twitter that she has tested positive for Covid-19.

The number of Covid cases is spreading rapidly as we enter the third wave of the pandemic. Many celebrities have also been infected with the virus. On Jan 7, actress Swara Bhaskar took to her social media to share her health update. She wrote, “Hello Covid! Just got my RT-PCR test resulted and have tested positive. Been isolating & in quarantine. Symptoms include fever, a splitting headache and loss of taste. Double vaccinated so hope this passes soon. SO grateful for family & to be at home. Stay safe everyone.”

Soon after reading her tweet, her well-wishers prayed for her speedy recovery, while her haters saw this as an opportunity to speak ill about her. Swara made a couple of tweets to thank her well-wishers and also hit back at trolls for their insensitivity.

Swara wrote, “Thank you Tweeple for all the love, healing wishes and get-well-soon messages.. means a lot! Apologies I am unable to reply to every single one of them but I’m deeply grateful and touched. Take care of you and your loved ones!”

She then added, “And to my dear Nafrati Chintus and trolls praying for my demise.. doston apni bhaavnaaein kaabooo mein rakho.. mujhey kuch ho gaya toh aapki rozi roti chhin jaaegi.. ghar kaisey chalega ?!?”

Swara had shared screenshots of hate tweets while hitting back at them.

A mean comment read, “The best of all the news I have heard in 2022 till now. May she dies and doesn’t even get a place in hell as well. Swara Bhaskar rest in hell in advance.”

Another hater wrote, “RIP in advance Swara Bhaskar.”

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