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Covid Or No Covid, Salman Will Be Releasing Radhe On Eid

According to recent quotes by sources, it is certain that come what may even if its COVID or no covid, then too Salman Khan will be releasing Radhe on Eid.

Ek Baar jo commitment kiya and fans also know rest of the iconic dialogue which means that Salman is all set to prove that he means business come what may and which also means that Covid or no covid, Salman will be releasing Radhe on Eid.

This is true that the globally loved bollywood superstar and eternal Dabanng is always true to his promises and what better gift for fans than Radhe and also its proof that even if its Covid or no covid, Salman will be releasing Radhe on Eid.

Now when his long delayed and corona stalled project Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is finally locked and scheduled for a theatrical release this Eid 2021, then no matter what even if there is Covid or no covid, Salman will be releasing Radhe on Eid.

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There is no one on this planet earth that can have power of stopping him and also deterring firm resolution of Salman Khan from getting into theatres this time around.

Also, in a recent byte for a leading digital entertainment portal, a source really close to Salman Khan was quoted saying, “He will proceed as per schedule to release Radhe for Eid this year, even if Maharashtra and Mumbai are under partial lockdown. Even if there is night curfew in Mumbai Salman is hellbent on getting Radhe into theatres this Eid”.

This firm resolution of theatrical release for Radhe may turn out to be really favourable for business in North India.

Source: Salman Khan Instagram. He posted this new official motion poster of much awaited Radhe few hours back itself.

The source also said, “If Radhe does well in spite of the pandemic and ensuing restrictions it will prove that audiences are willing to venture out into movie theatres if given the right incentive”.

But even this is fact that maybe Salman may have to go back on his commitment and promise of releasing his long delayed cop actioner thriller masala film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai in theatres because of unexpected increase in COVID cases, Salman’s movie Radhe is more likely to be premiered on the giant OTT streaming platform after all.

A source informing same shared, “Radhe has been sold to Zee Studios for staggering Rs 210 crores. The original idea of releasing the film in movie theatres and then on the streaming platform after a month may be scrapped completely. The film may go straight to Zee’s streaming platform with a token release in theatres on the same day”.

This development and new update has been done albeit reluctantly by Salman himself who recently had announced that the film will only be released in theatres and if not on this Eid, then definitely on next Eid 2022.

A source citing that this is indeed an impractical and also flawed option said, “No one knows what will happen by next Eid. Zee is most definitely looking at premiering the film on their streaming platform for Eid 2021 on May 13 with a simultaneous theatrical release wherever possible”.

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