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Coronavirus Scarce Bollywood Celebs; Dons Masks At Public Places

There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Mumbai yet, but several Bollywood actors take no chance. Celebs such as Ranbir Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Soha Ali Khan and the recent one Parineeti Chopra have been spotted at the airport, with their faces covered with masks.

Chinese Novel Coronavirus epidemic has sent shockwaves worldwide. With the rising to Death Toll Exceeds 1,100 the virus spreads quickly to various continents. Bollywood celebs, shared a post about the disease outbreak on Instagram to raise awareness.

The initiative taken by the celebs to spread awareness is trolled and said that the mask they are using is for safety measure is not the one should be used and it just looks like they have added it for fashion to their airport look.

Actress Parineeti Chopra is trolled for the same when she posted a picture on her Instagram handle as an initiative to spread awareness about the virus. Parineeti Chopra shared Instagram pictures of her. She can be seen wearing loose jeans, a white shirt and a Louis Vuitton waist pouch. As she posted the pictures, social media labeled her silly saying instead that she should raise awareness. Well, the actress through this attempt to aware and mentioned in the caption too, to stay safe regarding the current situation in the world.

It is hard to understand what was all about the trolling but many other celebrities and travelers wear masks and prevention is safer and more effective than cure.

Celebrities who were seen wearing mask includes Ranbir Kapoor, Sunny Leone and Soha Ali Khan who did their bit to aware people about the virus and be safe.

Sunny Leone 

In the above pictures, sunny can be seen with her husband Daniel Weber both are wearing a mask. Sunny with her caption tried spreading awareness to be safe and take all possible safety measures.

Weber also shared an Airport video of Sunny’s team “Team that stays safe is a team that keeps moving together. Don’t be a fool and think you are too smart to get infected. Read and educate yourselves. Waiting for the India Ministry of Health to mandate airports and government workers to practice safety and help educate people,” Weber captioned.

Ranbir Kapoor 

Actor Ranbir Kapoor was spotted a while ago wearing a face mask as he walked out of the airport. The actor was seen as sporting cool casuals. He also went on saying, that everyone would soon start wearing the mask as a Coronavirus safety precaution.

Soha Ali Khan 

Actress Soha Ali Khan was spotted wearing a multipurpose mask while the promotions of hubby Kunal’s recently released movie Malang to avoid any kind of virus or pollution affecting her.

Actors might be doing this for their safety or maybe as an initiative, it is important to be safe and especially when it’s announced a global health emergency. 

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For the unversed Coronaviruses are large families of viruses that cause disease ranging from the common cold to more serious diseases. Respiratory symptoms, fatigue, cough, and breathing difficulties are typical signs of infection. Over 97 new deaths and 2,015 new cases reported in the previous 24 hours after the Coronavirus outbreak.

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