Composer Shravan Attended Kumbh Mela Before Dying Due To Covid?

Sanjeev Rathod confirms that his father Shravan Rathod, who died of Covid had attended Kumbh Mela a few days ago!

Popular music composer Shravan Rathod passed away on Thursday at the age of 66. He was found Covid positive a few days ago and was admitted to a hospital in Mumbai. His son Sanjeev Rathod told that he was on ventilator and had stopped responding to the treatment.

The entire Bollywood fraternity and fans are in deep shock since then. And now it is reported that Shravan had attended Kumbh Mela in Haridwar a few days before he tested Covid positive. In a recent interview, Sanjeev Rathod confirmed that his parents went to Kumbh and tested positive a few days later.

He added, “We had never thought our family would have to go through such tough times, my father passed away, I am Covid positive and so is my mother. My brother is also positive and is in home isolation, but since our father has died, he is being allowed to do the final procedures to do last rites for our father.”

Sanjeev further said, “He attended Kumbh Mela. But I wouldn’t put my hand on it and say he caught the virus there. I don’t know how it happened or where exactly he contracted it. One way to look at it could be that our souls find peace in God after death, but someone at his age got to visit a holy place and then surrendered to God.”

Sanjeev also told that his mother is inconsolable but she and he are recovering.