Chunky Pandey On Shahrukh Khan: “No One Could Achieve In A 100 Lives What He Did In One”

Chunky Pandey on his bond with Shah Rukh Khan, his career and their families' sharing a close relationship, sharing insights in an exclusive interview with Lehren.

Chunky Pandey, who make us laugh and intensify with his versatile roles, making him one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood. Apart from his performance, his dedication to building luxurious properties and grooming his children, Ananya-Rysa with utmost manners, reflects his sweet yet grounded personality which inspires many.

In an exclusive chat with Lehren, Chunky Pandey discussed his beloved friendship with the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. During the conversation, he highlighted Khan’s monumental success in cinema, which has not only changed the image of Indian cinema globally but also brought recognition to the country known by his name.

Talking about Badshah’s famous Mumbai deluxe home ‘Mannat’, not only one but he owns two more luxurious mansions in London and Dubai. Mentioning about the same Chunky humorously shared why he prefers to stay in hotels despite his close friends owning huge mansions abroad. Due to his habit of being messy which so he “tries not staying at anyone’s home.”

Adding on, Pandey proudly talked about SRK’s journey from his early days in Bombay to becoming a global icon. He stated, “People won’t be able to achieve in a hundred lifetimes what he’s done in one.” That continues talking about the families of Pandey and Khan sharing an undying bond, from them to their wives being best friends and also their children, Suhana and Ananya.

Further the conversation went on revealing how Chunky became a ‘kanjoos’ for his Bollywood colleagues like Govinda and others to cut off smoking, which earned him a tag of being ‘kanjoos’ but he’s basically not the one and its not entirely true.

For more details, watch the full interview below

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