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Choreographer Rajit Dev Spills Beans On Why Chhor Denge Worked

The dynamic actress and choreographer duo of gorgeous actress Nora Fatehi and ace bollywood choreographer Rajit Dev have created visual magic yet again with excellent choreography in the latest emotional revenge love ballad song titled Chhor Denge which is becoming everyone's favorite song now, and in a recent interview, choreographer Rajit Dev spills beans on why Chhor Denge worked.

The dynamic choreographer and ace actress duo of Rajit Dev and Nora Fatehi always create magic when they work together and Chhor Denge sung by versatile singer Parampara Thakur and is a romantic revenge ballad backed by T Series, which has become a hit song within just 8 days since its release, is a proof of it. in a recent interview, choreographer Rajit Dev spills beans on why Chhor Denge worked.

In his latest tete a tete conversational chat interview, choreographer Rajit Dev spills beans on why Chhor Denge worked.

Speaking in detail about the song and his bonding with Nora, choreographer Rajit Dev spills beans on why Chhor Denge worked.

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Choreographer Rajit Dev collaborated with Nora Fatehi on a recent dance number Chhor Denge and says that he loves working with her. The two worked together in Pachtaoge last year as well.

Opening up on this point, Rajit said, “We have always got a very positive response when we have collaborated, be it for a social media dance cover, an ad film or a music video. I still remember the first time she wanted me to do a dance video with her. She already had plans in her head and she believed that I could be of great help to her as she had seen me on the Jhalak Dikkhla Jaa stage but I was with another actor. She said she always wanted to perform with me. We both love the same kind of music and dance and she respects me a lot. I think that tuning makes our jodi work wonders creatively”.

Talking about the kind of fan following Nora enjoys, Rajit says, “Nora has been ruling people’s hearts and I knew in this song she will be loved even more. This is a very performance-oriented song. The voice of Parampara is just unbelievable and there’s so much depth and feeling in her voice. I am also a big fan of director Arvindr Khaira’s storyline. Like the video has a twisted story line, in which Nora could prove her acting skills . This song is a movie in itself I was pretty sure of making the dance moves effective at the same time pleasing to the eyes. I wanted that people can do the steps as well which I think I have achieved as I do get tagged in all their dance covers. They are doing a fabulous job”.

Rajit is thrilled with the response he has got for Chhor Denge. Sharing his happiness on same, he says, “I’m really happy with the kind of response I have got from this video. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more projects. I see them coming as I’ve been working really hard for years in the industry”.

Dancing is all about expressions and this is something that Rajit has been focusing on in all his numbers and explaining the same, Rajit asserted, “My way of teaching is very simple and which Nora is aware of as well. We have been working together for a very long time now and she knows that for me it is all about expressions. My main idea was for people to talk about how beautifully Nora has expressed herself in Chhor Denge and not just talk about her dance moves. She’s perfectly found the balance of expressions and dance and has raised the bar in Bollywood when it comes to performing in a song”.

Ask him what is the best compliment that he has got for the numbers and he says, “I’m really thankful to everyone who’s praised my work. Mr Longinus Fernandes, who is a senior choreographer, an international award winner and has choreographed Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire, told me that he hadn’t expected this kind of performance from Nora. ‘I’m speechless,’ he said adding, ‘By the way you have made her look on screen.’ The best compliment that I have got is that a lot of people have told me that they got an early 90s Bollywood dance vibe from the number. This was what was missing in Bollywood since everyone is getting into hip and other dance styles. I believe in sound and I will only do what the sound calls for. Like this song gave me that opportunity to set the dance piece in a certain way…it was fully Bollywood”.

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