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Chhapaak Trailer: Deepika Padukone’s Astonishing Performance as Malti Will Blow us away!

Here is why we are astonished to be seeing the Deepika Padukone ion Chhapaak trailer.

Following the recent trend of Bollywood, yet another movie inspired by a real-life incident is coming to the theatres soon. The movie is titled Chhapaak, The trailer of the movie was released a few hours ago just before a month from the release of this movie and we are stunned and shocked by watching the trailer. The movie is soon releasing on 10th January 2020. 

The movie is one of the most awaited ones and the trailer has increased the excitement of the audience to the peak. Watching Deepika Padukone perform such an amazing and inspiring character of Malti is truly commendable and astonishing.

The movie is releasing a month later but the excitement is not less as we will get to see an amazing cast in the movie. Along with Deepika Padukone, we will get to see an actor who made enough name through web series Vikrant Massey, Meghna Gulzar will also be the part of the movie.

The plot of the movie as we all know is based on the story of an Acid Attack Victim. But, what exactly happens with the victim even after getting justice for the case. What about society? We, the same people who showed so much support for such victims when the environment is hot, what happens to us when it comes to accepting such girls in the normal living society.

This is what we will get to see in this upcoming movie and we are really excited about it.

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