Chattis Aur Maina: Interview With Sandeepa Dhar, Vikram Singh and Shraddha Pasi

Lehren's exclusive with Chattis Aur Maina cast Sandeepa Dhar and Vikram Singh Chauhan along with director Shraddha Pasi.

Chattis Aur Maina is a Hindi mini-series starring Vikram Singh Chauhan and Sandeepa Dhar in lead roles. Directed by Shraddha Pasi and produced by CM Studios, the series is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

During an exclusive conversation, Sandeepa Dhar expressed her happiness and gratitude over the great response on the show. She said, “It is really great. Vikram’s fans are picking scenes from the series and making exciting edits on Instagram reels. I find it very sweet. This reflects how the response is! From social media, it is evident that people are liking it. My industry friends have also liked it.”

Actor Vikram Singh Chauhan plays the love interest of Sandeepa Dhar in the show. His character named Chattis is a simple and innocent boy. On being asked about the kind of preparations he did for the role, Vikram said, “The script was well written and therefore, it didn’t require me to put in a lot of efforts. Also, I don’t have a solid method. I just stick to basics. I read my script properly and in detail. I mostly read my script 6-10 times. And when I work with good director and writer like of Chattis Aur Maina, they give me a good back story of the character.”

When asked what makes this show different from other rom-coms, director Shraddha Pasi said, “I didn’t restrict the actors. I feel that actors need to be given some freedom when it comes to comedy. Also, while creating a scene, it should feel like the actors are living into it. This is what I tried to do. Because I felt that the better I create a real environment on set, the better and naturally the actors would perceive and perform. And I guess, it worked for us. The actors didn’t have to worry about where’s the camera, where’s the light or other stuff. I was running a long and close-up shot together so that the actors won’t feel restricted.”

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