Chats Leaked: Sushant’s Family Knew About His Mental Health?

As per the latest developments, it is revealed that Sushant's family was aware of his mental health and the treatment he was receiving.

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, his family has maintained their statement that they were clueless about Sushant’s mental health. They accused Rhea Chakraborty of hiding this information, controlling Sushant’s life and keeping him away from his family.

WhatsApp Chats Between Shruti Modi and Neetu Singh:

However, the recently released chats have put Sushant’s family under the radar as they suggest that they were aware of Sushant’s health and knew the details about his prescriptions as well. These chats are of Sushant’s manager Shruti Modi and the late actor’s sister Neetu Singh. The conversation happened on Nov 26, 2019. It shows that Shruti Modi had shared Sushant’s prescriptions with Nitu and also sent her the number of his psychotherapist, Susan Walker. Nitu had also expressed her desire to meet the doctor who could come home.

These chats are completely contradicting the claims made by Sushant’s family so far.

Speaking on the same, actor Swara Bhaskar suggested that Rhea is being framed in this case. She wrote in her tweet, “Hey Voyeurs & shameless conscience-less anchors! Chat Proves Rhea Chakraborty had informed the family about the mental health of SSR way back in 2019. Why did all the high decibel, screaming shouting anchors conveniently ignore this story? Does it seem like Rhea is being framed?”

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Sushant’s father had earlier claimed, “While my son was doing extremely well in Bollywood till May 2019, a girl named Rhea Chakraborty and her family members and others got in touch with him so that she could use his contacts to make a career in the film industry.”

He had also said, “My son never had any kind of mental illness… wondering what happened all of a sudden after he came in contact with Rhea. This should be probed.”

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