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Celina Spills About Star Kids Vs Outsiders Debate In Bollywood

On the occasion of her 39th Birthday yesterday, stunning Bollywood film actress and former Miss India Universe Celina Jaitley spills about Star Kids Vs Outsiders debate in Bollywood.

Stunning B Town actress Celina Jaitley who is still remembered by her fans in India and abroad for her amazing acting in films like No Entry (2004), Golmaal Returns, Apna Sapna Money Money (2006) and so on turned 39 yesterday and on the occasion of her glorious birthday, Celina spills about star kids vs outsiders debate in Bollywood.

During her recent interview on her 39th birthday yesterday, the No Entry (2004) fame stunning actress Celina spills about star kids vs outsiders debate in Bollywood.

Finally now there is a progressive wave where Bollywood is seen changing for the better and we feel it’s also a high time that this should be spoken about and it is good to see that even though albeit a bit late, but now, even B Town actress Celina spills about star kids vs outsiders debate in Bollywood.

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The actress celebrated her birthday with her family in Austria as they are settled there. Known for her films like No Entry and Apna Sapna Money Money, she made her comeback with a short film in 2020 titled “Season’s Greetings” and during her recent interview with a leading Indian national entertainment tabloid publication, Celina spills about star kids vs outsiders debate in Bollywood.

When asked what is her opinion and point of view on the current insider vs outsider / star kids vs outsiders debate that has been happening in Bollywood from past few months and has not stopped even now since late actor Sushant’s death, she told that ‘nepotism’ is not really bad and explaining the same, she said, “In my humble opinion, ‘nepotism’ is not bad, if there is a successful transition from one generation to another, which merits talent, but when it does not merit talent and blocks the entry of new talent then there is a big problem. Well, Nepotism is present in each and every sector in our country, right from Politics to the Entertainment industry to even business. Despotism favours the despot, nepotism favours the despot’s genes”.

The actress further more in her interview also clearly explained that how Nepotism is existing in every sector and not just Bollywood along with the concept of despotism and also pointed towards the good advantages and privileges the star kids have whilst compared to outsiders. Elucidating on the same she stated, “One of the main things that I would like to point towards is that the children from film lineage have natural immunity from the sexual harassment that exists in Bollywood, other than that everyone has to work hard, some have to work harder than others”.

Meanwhile towards the end of the interview, Celina also opened up about her birthday plans and said that as Austria is in the midst of the second wave of complete lockdown, she is all set and ready for spending her time by just sitting near the fireplace with her husband and their family at their tiny cosy Alpine Estate.

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