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Bollywood Celeb Hairstyles to Copy

Here are a few stylish hairstyles of Bollywood celebrities that you can copy.

No matter if you are a celebrity or a common person, your hairstyle is a very important part of our beauty especially for girls. A good hairstyle complements her beauty. A bad hairstyle can spoil the beauty of the most beautiful girl in the world. The personality and identity of a female reflect through her hairstyle.

In case, you want to have a trending hairstyle and flaunt your beauty for your short or long hair, we are here today with some hairstyles by Bollywood celebrities that you can copy.

1) Deepika Padukone’s Envious puff bun.

The beautiful diva of Bollywood carries an amazing puffed bun hairstyle. The elegance of her beauty is defined by this hairstyle with any outfit she wears.

2) Kangana Ranaut’s curly curls

The actress has revealed that her curly hair is the secret of her beauty. She usually pairs the curly hair with ethnic wear.

3) Alia Bhatt’s Heart braid

Alia Bhatt loves experimenting with new hairstyles and shares it on social media. This is one of her hairstyles which we loved and found unique.

4) Madhuri Dixit’s Wavy Ponytail

The beautiful actress also has a special attraction towards the hairstyle. Above is a wavy ponytail hairstyle by evergreen Madhuri Dixit which you can copy for any function.

5) Kareen Kapoor’s top bun

The beautiful Kareena Kapoor looked really gorgeous in this high bun hairstyle with a cute smile on her face,

These are some simple and beautiful hairstyles by the beautiful Bollywood celebs which you can copy.

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