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5 Bollywood Actors From Farhan To Armaan Who Are Into Boxing

Bollywood's stars are always known as fitness icons too for their fit bodies but here lets take a look at 5 bollywood actors from Farhan to Armaan who are into boxing for fitness.

We all know how many A lister ace film stars of indian cinema who give unforgettable performances in hindi movies are also considered as fitness icons by audiences and fans who love watching them in diverse characters and so here are 5 Bollywood actors from Farhan to Armaan who are into boxing.

For fans who love Farhan Akhtar and Armaan Ralhan, we take a look at 5 bollywood actors from Farhan to Armaan who are into boxing.

Fitness is an aspect that every actor is concerned about these days. While there are many ways in which actors keep themselves fit these days. While many prefer to hit the gym regularly, there are many who prefer the more natural cardiovascular exercises, while there are even those who prefer martial arts. However, there are only a few actors who have taken up boxing as a form of fitness and religiously follow it, alongside the other workout schedules and so we are taking a thorough glance at 5 bollywood actors from Farhan to Armaan who are into boxing.

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1. Farhan Akhtar: Farhan Akhtar has been in fitness for quite a long while. From Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to now Toofaan, he has been constantly having a great body, and boxing has been a major part of his training. Videos of him practicing in the gym and the ring have time and again gone viral on social media. With Toofaan he is once again proving his love for boxing and fitness as a whole.

2. Armaan Ralhan: Armaan Ralhan has been one of the bright young actors whom everyone has been talking about these days. He has been sharing workout videos on his social media often. He has become one of the few new-age actors whom young boys are following a lot for fitness motivation and workout inspiration. He is into mixed martial arts, boxing, and weight training, and keeps sharing these videos with his fans always. It has made him quite a hot favourite among the youngsters. Not just that, but he is also into football. He is an active member of the All-Stars team which gets together to play soccer every weekend.

3. Tiger Shroff: Tiger Shroff is a name synonymous with fitness in Bollywood. He has been flying the baton high for fitness and working out ever since he made his big-screen debut. He has been flaunting his chiseled body in pretty much every movie or post that he puts out. Looking at him other young actors get inspired so as to keep working hard at their game.

4. Randeep Hooda: Randeep Hooda has been into boxing as a means of fitness for the past two decades. He has been an icon of fitness and raw energy. He recently posted a few boxing videos on social media, and they went viral within minutes. He has played a boxer in films like Do Lafzon Ki Kahani and even Sultan. He even went ahead and learned a special martial arts form called Gatka, and has become a pro at that now.

5. Vidyut Jammwal: Vidyut Jammwal has been not only giving women sleepless nights with his super hot body but even giving men lots of motivation and inspiration to work out and stay fit. He is specially trained in the mixed martial arts form called Kalaripayattu and is well versed in the ways of boxing. He has been practicing martial arts since the age of 3. He even helps people find innovative ways of working out even with simple day-to-day objects. That’s his specialty.

Who is your favourite among them? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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