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Bobby Deol’s Old Video Predicting Coronavirus With Aishwarya Goes Viral

Best known for path breaking performance of shrewd and vile godman in Prakash Jha's hit webseries Aashram, Bobby Deol's old video predicting coronavirus with Aishwarya goes viral.

Currently in the best professional phase of his life since maverick film maker Prakash Jha’s superhit webseries Aashram and Aashram 2 (MX Player, 2019 – 2020), has really changed his identity and reinstated his position as a bankable Bollywood star, ace and nuanced film star Bobby Deol’s old video predicting coronavirus with Aishwarya goes viral.

This is a totally amazing news scoop of the day as Race 3 (2018) fame Bollywood star Bobby Deol’s old video predicting coronavirus with Aishwarya goes viral.

The fans and netizens have been cracking up by laughing hard on this video and it is because of them that Bollywood star Bobby Deol’s old video predicting coronavirus with Aishwarya goes viral.

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This is true that the video literally made all fans and netizens laugh hard since in the video clip, we see that Bobby Deol is seen testing Aishwarya Rai and not only this but the fans also stated that Bobby Deol originally had predicted about coronavirus long before this deadly disease got the world to a standstill in the past year and is still doing so even now as well.

We all know about how the coronavirus is going from bad to worse and there’s a new second wave of same in India, but amidst the gloomy and saddening news a thing surely going to cheer up the fans and netizens is that now an old video of Bobby Deol and Aishwarya Rai has gone viral on instagram and twitter and has taken the internet by storm and it is something that is surely meant to leave you in splits and laughing hard as well.

Netizens and fans are really tripping hard over the visuals of the video since it shows that Bobby Deol predicted coronavirus long before it came into existence and the said video has some specific snippets from Bobby Deol’s film wherein he is seen wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing and even conducting a PCR test on actress Aishwarya Rai.

The visuals in the video are from Bobby and Aishwarya’s film Aur Pyar Ho Gaya where the funniest chunk is where we see Bobby Deol uses several locks to shut down his house’s main door and social media enthusiasts are equating it with quarantine and fans are literally having a field day as they are rapidly sharing this video on social media.

On social media, one netizen wrote, “@hvgoenka … Bobby Deol predicted Covid-19. Video made by @Bobbywood_”.

Source: BhipeshH Twitter. he posted the video and pointed out about Bobby Deol being relevant years before about deadly coronavirus plaguing world today.

Whilst another ardent netizen wrote, “Lord Bobby Deol Rocks. He predicted Covid 24 years ago. @Bobbywood_ Kashipur Wale Baba Ki Jai Folded hands”.

Source: Anand Abhirup Twitter. He also posted this viral video on his twitter and lauded Bobby Deol for the accurate predictions years ago itself.

On the work front at the moment, Bobby has finally struck right notes with audiences through his portrayal of Babaji in superhit digital webseries Aashram wherein both the first and second installment did manage to enthrall and captivate the viewers and fans and in terms of films, Bobby is next going to be seen in Apne 2 along with father Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol and is also going to be seen as a villain in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal followed by playing lead role in Shah Rukh Khan produced edgy crime thriller Netflix film titled Love Hostel.

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