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Bipasha Basu Finally Reacts To Trolls On Flaunting Baby Bump, Says This

Mommy-to-be actress Bipasha Basu shuts down trolls on flaunting her baby bump in her photoshoot, saying, "I still want to flaunt it."

Bollywood actress and mommy-to-be Bipasha Basu recently made her pregnancy announcement after she shared her maternal photoshoot pictures with her husband Karan Singh Grover. However, the actress got brutally trolled for wearing a revealing outfit during her photoshoot while others were seen slamming her for showing her baby bump in the photos. While recently, the actress was seen shutting the trolls once and for all, she said, “I want to celebrate it. I still want to live. I still want to flaunt it.”

Bipasha Basu Addresses Trolls On Flaunting Baby Bump In Her Photoshoot

Recently, the Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu announced her pregnancy as she shared her maternity photoshoot with her husband Karan Singh Grover. In shared pictures, the actress was seen wearing an oversized white shirt while giving a good look at her baby bump. However many netizens later trolled the actress for wearing a revealing dress during her photoshoot while others were seen age-shaming her.

While recently in an interview, with E Times, the actress took a dig at the trolls and said,  “In life, everyone is entitled to an opinion and all opinions are respected. But I’m leading my life. And I will always focus on the 99% good rather than 1% negativity. That’s the way to move on in life. You can’t be deciding everything that you do or say on the basis of what people want you to do or say. I lived my life like that. I’m a body-positive person. I believe that you have to love the body you live in.”

She further added, “My philosophy in life is to love yourself and it’s all around the magic of having this beautiful body as a machine. If you don’t keep this body healthy, you’re not going to lead a happy life. So, a lot of focus is on the body. At this beautiful stage of life when I’m transforming into a mother and my body had changed, I want to celebrate it. I still want to live. I still want to flaunt it. Because this is not going to be there forever. I’d rather focus on the positivity around me and I get a lot of love from fans, media, people from the business, and everyone else. I feel overwhelmed with the love and wishes that have come my way.”

Bipasha Basu Reveals That She Wants A ‘Baby Girl’

In an interview with Times Of India, mommy-to-be, Bipasha Basu revealed that she and her husband Karan Singh Grover want to have a daughter. She said, “Karan and I were clear from the beginning that we wanted a baby. I don’t have any thoughts on why it is so late or why it took time. For me, this is the right time. I believe this is when we were supposed to have our baby. We believe in manifestation. From the time we have wanted a child, we have hoped for a baby girl. I know a baby is a beautiful gift, and we are supposed to be in acceptance of any gender, and the bigger picture is that, but we call our baby ‘she’. We believe it’s a she, and we have believed that since the time we decided to have a baby.”

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