Big Films That Tanked At The Box Office Recently; Take A Look!

With 'A listed' stars delivering back to back flops, things are quiet not in the right shape for the industry. Read to know more!

Gone are the days, when makers and actors feared only the ‘film critics’ for their harsh reviews! The current age of Indian cinema is witnessing what the past several decades have not witnessed so far. Even ‘A list’ actors, coming under big production banners, with an even bigger budget can’t seem to make it through the hearts of audiences and are struggling to impress them, just as they struggle to make a decent cut at the box office! The post-COVID time has definitely proved to be a horrid time for the industry, with only a handful of movies approved by the viewers, while the fate of another majority chunk of films remains the same- quite gloomy!

Recently, when several movies got released, which were all lined up for release because of the COVID situation, terribly underperformed at the box office, with that, the fate of the upcoming movies too, seems to be quite unassertive. Here’s a list of movies that recently tanked at the box office:


The ‘Bahubali star’ Prabhas and Pooja Hegde starrer was definitely an anticipated film, both the teaser and the first look of the film looked promising, but the film earned a lukewarm response at the box office. After its release in the second week of March, it had received mixed reactions from fans, proving to be one of the main reasons for the film’s failure at the box office. The failed performance of the movie only goes out to say, that not all films from the ‘South’ can spell magic at the box office! It was revealed in a report, how the main lead, Prabhas, returned half of his fees back to the makers, after the failure of the film, to compensate for the loss!


Despite being released around the festive time of Holi, Bachchan Pandey turned out to be a big flop at the box office. A remake of the south film, ‘Jigarthanda’, the film perhaps set a precedent for other films, that not all south remakes can be a hit! Right from day one of its releases, the movie harboured sour reviews from critics, and then, the success of ‘Kashmir Files’ made it tougher for Bachchan Pandey to woo the hearts of the audiences.

3. 83

This one’s a shocker though, despite Ranveer Singh’s phenomenal acting and a great cast, the film turned out to be a disaster at the box office. Even though critics, as well as audiences, lauded Ranveer for his brilliant performance, the sports drama did a miserable job at the box office. With the film having created quite a buzz before its release, many believe that the ‘COVID complications and competition from other films made it difficult for ’83’ to shine at the box office.


This Shahid Kapoor starrer, another remake from the South, was released with the hopes of making an impact at the box office, but wasn’t able to do so! The film’s release date kept postponing, so as to save the movie from clashing with other big releases like the ‘RRR’ or ‘KGF-2’, but nothing quite worked, as the movie still underperformed. The leading lady of the film Mrunal Thakur justified the film’s failure, saying how the presence of the ‘original’ version of the film on YouTube restricted the ‘remake’ version to flourish at the box office!

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Another one from Ranveer Singh’s vault couldn’t create magic at the box office, and we’re pretty sure this makes all the Ranveer fans out there quite unhappy. The movie is even more disastrous than Ranveer’s 83, as the movie has even received very low ratings from major critics. With back to back 2 flops, all eyes are on Ranveer’s next release ‘Cirkus’ by Rohit Shetty, which promises to be released around the Christmas of 2022.