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Best Performances of this Bollywood stars were in Flop movies

his Bollywood stars gave their best performance in some movies, but those movies turned out to be flop movies.

Bollywood has been an industry where beauty and acting skills define the status of the movie. Sometimes it happens that the best of the stories in the movie go unnoticed due to the not so famous star cast. While some times it happens vice versa. In some cases, even the best performances from amazing actors cannot do the trick and movies go flop as the audience shows less interest in it.

In this article ahead in a list of Bollywood stars who gave the best performances in some movies, but these movies turned out to be a flop.

1. Ranveer Singh

The movie Lootera of Ranveer Singh did not do so well on the box-office and turned out to be a flop. But the acting skills that Ranveer showed in this movie are really appreciable. This movie turned the tabled towards Ranveer Singh as his acting skills came into notice and he started getting big-budget movies.

2. Shah Rukh Khan

SRK as we all know is among the top actors of the industry. One of the movies through which SRK actually got the recognition of an actor is Swades. He played a NASA scientist in the movie and even though the movie did not turn out well, the NASA scientist sure gain success in impressing us.

3. Hrithik Roshan

One of the movies that redefined Hrithik Roshan’s acting skills was Guzarish. The most unexpected movie to be a flop. But Hrithik surely won hearts with his amazing portrayal of the assigned character.

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