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Badshah Bashes Out Trolls With His New Song; Check Out

Badshah has released a new rap song to give a befitting reply to the trolls. Read below to know more.

Amid the on-going lockdown, rapper Badshah skipped any sorts of promotions for his new song ‘Ilzaam’ and surprised his fans by dropping the number unannounced. The song points the finger at the recent plagiarism accusations faced by the current rap sensation of India.

It is known to everyone that any song of Badshah is a chartbuster and people listen to it on loop. However, these songs also fall victim to the trolls and are slammed and treated as just noise. Recently, Badshah was caught in the net of controversies for the plagiarism issue over his new song ‘Genda Phool featuring Jacqueline Fernandez. The rapper was bashed for using the lyrics from folk artiste Ratan Kahar’s Bengali song ‘Boro loker biti lo’ in his video without giving him the due credit.

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Badshah’s new number ‘Ilzaam’ from ‘3:00 AM Sessions’ addresses the above issue and much more. The opening lyrics of the song is, “Kal tak sabka tha me pyaara, Aaj chor bangaya, gaana hit fir bhi inke liye, Shor ban gaya.”

It translates to ‘Until yesterday I was everyone’s favorite and today I have become a thief.. the song is a hit but they are treating it just like noise.’ Badshah has taken the situation under his belt and has slammed all the trolls who were accusing him of plagiarism.

The song has been written by the 34-year old rapper in the midst of the lockdown. The video footage of the song mostly is of his gigs and him sitting and writing something in the corner of the room.

Well, trolling has become a part and parcel of any new release, be it a song or a movie. And in the day-and-age of remakes people are finding ways to bring the new version down claiming that the original is always better. To face these trolls one has to come up with new and original content to cater to their needs.

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