Ayushmann Raises His Voice Against Women Abuse

Bollywood actor and UNICEF’s Celebrity Advocate Ayushmann Khurrana raises his voice against women abuse.

Always known for raising his voice against the unethical and shameful malpractices in our country, his fans across the globe are now feeling happy as Ayushmann raises his voice against women abuse.

Finally Bollywood is coming out and speaking up their opinions about the painful gang rapes happening in our country and there can be nothing better than the UNICEF’s Celebrity Advocate Ayushmann raises his voice against women abuse.

He is a versatile actor who is relevant in today’s times as an actor, singer, poet, and has proved his credibility and mettle as an exemplary performer who can pull off any sort of unconventional and complex role flawlessly with confidence and determination and it is his this passion that makes him who he is today where as a UNICEF advocate Ayushmann raises his voice against women abuse.

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Ayushmann Khurrana has given us some of his career best path breaking performances with films like Badhaai Ho (2018), Andhadhun (2018), DreamGirl (2019), Bala (2019), Article 15 (2019), etc.

This is a very dark and uncertain time for our country with COVID 19 pandemic still being in full force along with the never ending evils and malpractices against women in India.

Even after so many years of India’s independence this is a stigma that still plagues our nation in many of the small towns and rural areas where these shameful and abhorrent practices still exist.

He was quoted saying, “Violence against children is unacceptable!”. Ayushmann also is planning to use this platform for making the people aware and well informed on this important and crucial issue across the entire India as it cannot be taken for granted and lightly.

B Town actor Ayushmann Khurrana is an unconventional thoughtful leader who always tries to bring a more progressive and positive change in our society and the film industry by doing insightful, enlightening and thought provoking conversations with the Bollywood film fraternity through his medium and instrument of films, songs, speeches, etc.

The suave and dapper looking actor has been recently appointed as UNICEF’s Celebrity Advocate for their global campaign EVAC which stands for (Ending Violence Against Children).

Whereby he is fully dedicated along with being focused and committed solely to bring the relevant focus and attention along with creating awareness to this priority issue.

Ayushmann in his speech said, “As a UNICEF celebrity advocate, my role is to further children’s rights, to support UNICEF in advocating for these rights using my voice and my influence. One of the major issues I am supporting is ending violence against children, to advocate that violence against children is unacceptable, and it is preventable.”

In the same speech he also added, “Violence against children is pervasive, but how often do we hear about it being reported or discussed? I will be drawing attention to this issue, making violence against children visible. We need more and more people acknowledging that violence happens, taking steps to end violence as well as to report it.”

According to the figures of deaths as reported by the National Crime Records Bureau in the year 2018, within each and every single hour at least 5 cases of sexual abuse being done on children are reported in India.

The more pivotal apex body of The National Family Health Survey also mentions the disturbing fact that apparently at least 1 in every 5 adolescent aged teenage girls go through and suffer the physical violence since age of 15 along with the fact that approximately 99% of school children are subjected and being made to face physical and mental abuse by teachers (according to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights 2012).

Ayushmann has been very shattered, angry, and devastated by the very recent Hathras and Balrampur horrific gang rape and killings that have shaken our country to the core.

In the same speech on a parting note he also quipped, “Shocked, shattered and devastated. After Hathras, now another gang rape and murder at Balrampur! It’s barbaric, inhuman and calls for the most severe punishment to the guilty. When will this stop? We are failing every single day to protect the women of our country. We have to do more than just protecting women. We have to raise better sons!”