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Ayushmann Khurrana Makes A Woman’s 49th Birthday Super Special!

Ayushmann Khurrana wins heart again, as he completes a fan's wish by singing the birthday song for her.

Ayushmann Khurrana is really a man with a golden heart! During this lockdown, everyone is spending their birthdays at home and trying to make the day as special as possible. For Mona Shah, who turned 49 today, quarantine definitely brought in great news as she thrillingly found Ayushmann singing ‘Happy Birthday To You’! 

Here’s how it happened! Mona’s two daughters Janvi and Kavya tagged Ayushmann on his social media platforms and informed him that their mother loves his brand of cinema, now famously known as “The Ayushmann Khurrana Genre”! Kavya appealed to Ayushmann writing, “It’s her birthday in quarantine and nothing will make it more special than you Ayushmann giving her a shoutout! She loves your work and we love our mom! We are only trying to make today super special for her even during this lockdown!!”

The second daughter Janvi wrote, “It’s her quarantine birthday, and it would be great if you Ayushmann make her feel special and wish her in your own way!! She loves youuuuuu!” Little did the two sisters know that Ayushmann will surprise them and their mother with an adorable post and celebrate Mona’s birthday on the internet and get all of India to also celebrate Mona’s birthday today!

Ayushmann took to his social media to sing Happy Birthday and strummed his guitar and told her to have the best day! Surely, it’s an incredibly sweet gesture from a star and made the day for not just Mona for also the internet which needs a little bit of cheer amidst all the gloom!

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