Ayan Mukerji Hints At The Release Date Of Brahmastra Part Two And Three

Brahmastra director Ayan Mukerji reveals when can the audience expect the release of Parts two and three of the trilogy

Brahmastra: Part One Shiva was a much-awaited film of the year featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. The film received mixed reviews and the director Ayan Mukerji is currently basking the success of the film. Released on 9th September was part one of the trilogy. Now fans awaiting parts two and three of the astraverse. Ayan Mukerji recently hinted at the release of the remaining two parts in the coming years.

Brahmastra is a visual wonder with high on VFX promising to give the greatest visual experience in Indian cinema. The film in itself is a universe unraveling mythological characters and astras. Brahmastra is an astraverse for people to experience a never seen before world of Ancient Indian Astras.

He said, “We have a release date target, to be honest. 3 years from now, which is somewhere around Diwali 2025. For part 3, our target is 1 year after that (release of Brahmastra part 2).”

The filmmaker further added, “I say Diwali 2025 and Christmas 2026. I say this with a disclaimer because we have said this on Brahmastra also, and I think we had about 6 release dates on Brahmastra part 1.”

Brahmastra is a cinematic universe of Hindu Mythological concepts. Brahmastra is the biggest budgeted film of 2022. Written and directed by Ayan Mukerji the film is backed by Karan Johar under the banner of Dharma Production. The film features an ensemble cast including Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, and Mouni Roy among others. 

Brahmastra: Part One Shiva was released on 9th September after years in the making. Part of the acclaimed fantasy adventure is anticipated to release during Diwali 2025. Ayan Mukerji is also prepared to release the last and the third part of the film series during Christmas 2023.

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