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Audience Reveals 8 Things They Like About ‘The White Tiger’

Netflix users have listed 8 things they like about Priyanka Chopra's film 'The White Tiger'.

Priyanka Chopra is currently enjoying the success of her recently released American film ‘The White Tiger’. It started streaming on Netflix a few days ago and is trending at No. 1 on the streaming platform worldwide. We earlier reviewed the film for you, but in case you are still looking for reasons to watch the film, different users have listed 8 things they liked about ‘The White Tiger’. Let’s check out the list:

  1. “I loved how beautifully the complexity from the book was translated on screen!”
  2. “The POV from multiple classes, upbringings and from different points in time.”
  3. “It does shake your conscience giving you a totally different perspective to observe things.”
  4. “The authenticity…how power and politics actually works in a country.”
  5. “The great direction and story-telling by Ramin Bahrani to bring characters alive.”
  6. “Acting…Every single character in the movie felt real. This made movie 1000% better.”
  7. “The way Pinky madam and Balram found their respective keys and liberated themselves.”
  8. “How Balram reached his goal and he was taking care of his employees.”

If you have already watched the film, you will certainly agree with every point mentioned in this Q/A round. If not, you must watch it this weekend.

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