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Atif Aslam vs Arijit Singh: Melody King

Who among Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh is the perfect Melody King?

Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh are the two names that instantly remind us of all the Romantic songs of Bollywood. Both these singers have been ruling the hearts of the audience for the past few years. Today we will make a comparison between Atif and Arijit and decide who is the true melody king. 

When we talk about India vs Pakistan, the rivalry is really big. Be it cricket or be it music the feelings of the audience are the same, and Atif vs Arijit is also the same kind of battle. Both these singers are the representatives of the musical battle between India and Pakistan. Though it is quite hard to select the winner among them.

If we make a comparison based on the number of songs sung by both the singer, Arijit wins the race with more than 120 songs under his name against around 60 songs under Atif Aslam’s name. But, if we make a comparison of the number of fans Arijit Singh has less fan following that Arijit even after having sung double the number of songs sung by Atif.

The Genre of both the singers is the same, versatility is approximately same and the madness for both of their songs is also the same. So we are finding it very difficult to make a comparison between the two musicians. Hence, we live it up for you to decide the Melody King.

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