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Ashish Chanchlani Refused To Do Film With Kiara Advani? Know Why!

In an interview, Ashish Chanchlani revealed how he turned down an offer of working with Kiara Advani! Read to know why!

Kiara Advani is emerging to be the next popular face of Bollywood, after delivering super hit movies over the past several years and with other major projects all lined up for release. With that, the actress is also enjoying her fame, as she builds a great fan base, especially among the young generation. Of her many fans, for the unversed, Ashish Chanchlani has also identified himself as a ‘die hard’ Kiara fan publicly.

Ashish, who’s a YouTuber, himself enjoys a good fan base, with viewers hooked to his funny, rather relatable content that the young social media star shares on YouTube. It was in one of his videos, that Ashish was asked about his celebrity crush and Ashish instantly took Kiara’s name.

In one of the interviews by host Janice Sequeira, Ashish was called on the show along with ‘Golmaal’ director Rohit Shetty. In a fun-filled conversation, Ashish revealed his only celebrity crush, upon being asked by host Janice. He also went ahead and shared how the social media star was actually offered a film along with Kiara, which he instantly refused!

Ashish revealed how the makers of the unnamed film wanted to cast him in the film, as Kiara’s brother, which was not acceptable by him! He shared how he simply cannot play Kiara’s brother, his crush, even if it was for the sake of cameras. He recalled rejecting the film offer on phone after learning about the casting.

When Ashish made a second appearance on Janice’s show recently, this time with his crush Kiara herself, Janice made it a point to ask him the same question again. Kiara, who couldn’t control her smile after hearing the story, couldn’t help but wanted to confirm it with Ashish. “But one second, did you really say no for that reason?” asked Kiara, “there must be other reason!”

Ashish revealed how he never actually shared the real reason for rejecting the film with the makers, and how he politely told them he doesn’t have ‘shoot dates’ as an excuse for not signing the film. But obviously, didn’t do the film as he never wanted to play Kiara’s brother on-screen!

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On their work fronts, ‘Ashish Chanchlani vines’, Ashish’s YouTube channel, currently holds the top sixth position in the top YouTuber list, with a whopping 14.3 million subscribers. Kiara on the other hand is last seen in Kartik Aaryan starrer ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’.

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