Arijit Singh Gets Injured After A Fan Pulls Him At Concert, Watch Video

Famous singer Arijit Singh got injured during his concert in Aurangabad after a fan pulled his arm during his performance. Watch viral video-

Bollywood singer Arijit Singh performed at a concert in Aurangabad, Maharashtra on Sunday, during which the celebrity got injured after being pulled by a fan during his performance. A video of the event is now making rounds on the internet in which the singer schools his fan and asks her whether he should leave the concert.

In the viral video Arijit could be heard saying, “You were pulling me. Please come on stage. You have to understand this. Listen to me, I am not somebody who’s going to blame just like that, okay? You were having fun, that’s fine, but if I am not able to perform, how will you have fun?…” He added, “You are a grown up and a matured person right? Why did you pull my hand? My hand is shaking now. Should I leave?”

Reacting to the incident a lot of Arijit’s fans came out to criticize the act. A user wrote, “Why people are not being civil??”, another user wrote, “I have seen arijit’s live concert recently and have witnessed ppl pulling his hand so hard, he injured his finger and it started bleeding thr, it’s so shameful that ppl don’t understand basic etiquette”.

Meanwhile, the singer later continued with his concert after getting his hand bandaged. The concert took place in Aurangabad. The show included his songs like, Tum Hi Ho, Channa Mereya, Duaa, Phir Le Aya Dil, and Jhoome Jo Pathaan.

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