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Anushka Warmly Welcomes Bhumi Pednekar In The Vegetarian Club

Versatile actress Anushka Sharma recently very warmly welcomed Bhumi Pednekar in the vegetarian club by sharing Bhumi's post on her Instagram story.

Just a day ago, Bhumi had announced to her fans all across the globe and friends from the film industry on her instagram account that she has probably turned herself into a vegetarian which was lauded by many and this is a fact that rarely we see instances where one actor comes forward and appreciates another one but here because of her decision, one stellar actor was all smiles which could be seen when Anushka warmly welcomes Bhumi Pednekar in the vegetarian club.

Nowadays because of the ongoing things each day we are only seeing actors calling out each other or having a war of words on social media but never are we lately seeing film industry actresses being appreciative and supportive of one another but yes this precious rare instance did happen very recently off late when Anushka warmly welcomes Bhumi Pednekar in the vegetarian club.

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Recently Bhumi made this official announcement to the world through her instagram post where she mentioned that she has turned into a vegetarian and she also went ahead and explained why as she told that she had always been planning to make this healthy lifestyle change but never got the time to do so but now when the lockdown happened, that was the right moment and perfect opportunity for her to do it and she did achieve this long time goal for herself where now it has been six months but Bhumi has stuck to her resolution and is still following vegetarianism in her life.

She also said that another one of the major important key point and factor for doing the same is her love for nature and environment where she spilled the beans about how eating meat didn’t really feel right to her anymore where her entire journey towards being modest and compassionate towards the nature and animals is another one of the motivating pushes which made her do this.

Also Bhumi isn’t the first actress to become vegetarian since there many other actresses just like her who have turned vegetarian and are living the greener and healthier way of life when it comes to their diets since diet is a very big part of being an actress especially in the Bollywood film industry who is expected to be fit, in physique and shape for her various film characters.

Anushka very happily and warmly welcomed Bhumi to the vegetarian club where she shared Bhumi’s post on her Instagram story.

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