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Anushka Virat’s Rule Of Baby Privacy To Be Followed By Kareena Saif

According to reliable news sources, the latest new update here is that Anushka Virat's baby privacy rule is going to be followed by even Kareena and Saif this time around with their second child's privacy.

Newest power couple celebrity parents on block Anushka Virat have set a good example for parents who really want to protect their child’s privacy. They have not only sent out gentle and subtle reminders of not shooting or clicking the baby’s pictures along with gifts for the bollywood paparazzi’s that emphasize the same message but also have requested all their friends to not visit or send them gifts. Now latest scoop of day is that Anushka Virat’s rule of baby privacy to be followed by Kareena Saif.

All set to welcome their second child together in February 2021, they couldn’t protect Taimur from media glare but now, wanting to protect their second child’s privacy as much as possible, Anushka Virat’s rule of baby privacy to be followed by Kareena Saif.

Latest new development and update here is that soon to be second time parents who would be welcoming their little bundle of joy in February 2021 and have also firmly decided to protect their baby’s privacy, Anushka Virat’s rule of baby privacy to be followed by Kareena Saif.

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In a recent interview byte with a leading Bollywood journalist from a digital entertainment portal, a couple of the friend was quoted telling, “We were very pointedly told to not visit and we respected that decision. In fact stars who complain about their children being hounded by the paps have not tried hard enough to keep them away. The paps are human beings. All you need to do is tell them to respect the celebrity’s privacy. They will comply, Shilpa Shetty’s daughter was not photographed until she wanted her to be”.

Now with Kareena and Saif’s second child, it has been known from the reliable sources that the power couple of B town Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are all set and ready for following the strict measures after seeing Anushka Virat’s admirable stand for their baby girl’s privacy. Unlike Taimur Ali Khan also fondly known as tim tim, this one will be kept totally away from the cameras and media glare.

A major film producer in their interview byte with the veteran leading Bollywood journalist for a leading digital entertainment portal was quoted telling, “Virat is a bigger star than any Bollywood superstar. If he sets a trend, Bollywood will follow it”.

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