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Anushka Slams Publication For Violating Her And Virat’s Privacy

Bonafide actress known for films like Sui Dhaaga (2018), Zero (2018), Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) and so on, Anushka Sharma slams publication for violating her and Virat's privacy even after telling them not to.

It’s safe to say that B town has always been mired in controversies and issues off late. It so happened that mommy to be B town diva starlet Anushka slams publication for violating her and Virat’s privacy.

Mommy to be and heavily pregnant ace Bollywood star Anushka slams publication for violating her and Virat’s privacy.

Expressing her anger and ire, heavily pregnant versatile actress Anushka slams publication for violating her and Virat’s privacy.

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Contrary and totally flip side reverse, the reality of being Bollywood star not easy is extremely true. Right from dealing with unwanted social media toxicity along with trolls to getting crowded and mobbed by the paparazzi these stars face the adversities each day wherein even their private life isn’t spared.

Something similar also happened where mom to be Anushka slams publication for violating her and Virat’s privacy.

Taking to her instagram stories Anushka posted a picture of herself and Virat Kohli who are seen relaxing on their balcony at home. But honestly she was not happy at all about it. Slamming and calling out the photographer and the publication for spoiling and ruining their private moment with each other, despite her telling them not to do the same. She furthermore also clearly specified of telling them to stop it but the publication and photographer didn’t listen to her and budge.

Getting pissed off and angry at the publication and photographer, Anushka said, “Despite requesting the said photographer and the publication, they still continue to invade our privacy. Guys! Stop this right now!”.

Also during her recent interview with a nationally leading renowned Entertainment magazine, she spilled the beans on how her and Virat have been planning to raise their child together post he / she is born and also mentioned of raising their child away from media glare and spotlight in order to give their baby a normal and peaceful childhood which is every kid’s right.

Elucidating more on the same, Anushka asserted, “The pandemic has been a weird blessing in a way. Virat was around and I could keep it a secret. We only left to go to the doctor’s clinic. No one was on the streets so we couldn’t be spotted”.

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