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Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli Wedding Anniversary Post Ft. Jokes, Laziness & Love

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have penned beautiful notes on social media on the occasion of their fourth wedding anniversary!

There’s nothing better than being married to the love of your life. You accept each other with their flaws, make promises to stand by each other through thick and thin while walking through the journey of life together. The bond between Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli is a perfect example of what true love looks likes. After dating for a long time, the couple had tied the knot on 11 December 2017. But marriages aren’t just happy endings. They are the beginning of a new life. And seems like our favourite power couple is doing everything right. As Anushka and Virat celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary today, they have taken to Instagram to share some happy pictures with heartfelt notes.

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Wedding Anniversary:

Virat Kohli wrote, “4 Years of you handling my silly jokes and my laziness. 4 years of you accepting me for who I am everyday and loving me regardless of how annoying I can be. 4 years of the greatest blessing god could’ve showered on us. 4 years of being married to The most honest, loving, brave woman and the one who inspired me to stand by the right thing even when the whole world could be against you. 4 years of being married to YOU. You complete me in every way, I’ll always love you with all that I have and more. This day is more special as its our first anniversary as a family and life is complete with this little munchkin.”

Anushka Sharma wrote, “There is no easy way out, there is no shortcut home. Your favourite song and words you’ve lived by always. These words hold true for everything including relationships. Takes tremendous courage to be the person you are in a world filled with perceptions & optics. Thank you for inspiring me when I needed it and for keeping your mind open when you needed to listen. Marriage of equals is only possible when both are secure. And you are the most secure man I know! Like I’ve said earlier, fortunate are those who really know the real you, the soul behind all the achievements, the man behind all the projections cast upon you..
May love, honesty, transparency and respect guide us always. P.S. : May we never stop goofin’ around. I love that about us.”

Well, that’s what perfect marriages look like. We wish Anushka and Virat a happy wedding anniversary and thank them for reinstating our faith in love and marriages.

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