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Anushka Sharma Pays Higher Taxes Than Others? Here’s The Reason Why

Anushka Sharma has raised a petition against paying more tax than it should.

Anushka Sharma is one of the most admired celebrities and her recent movie ChakDe Express is about to be released in the year. The Bollywood actress found herself in the middle of a legal battle when she approached the Bombay High Court against an excessive tax assessment claiming that it was her that they pay higher taxes and that duties have increased.

Anushka Sharma who was most seen recently in a surprise appearance in Qala has claimed that the state tax department took the liens on the payment you received for the confirmation and hosting bonus features resulting in an inflated assessment.

She has now defied orders from the Maharashtra State Treasury Department The Bombay High Court increases the liens on the payments received Awards Hosting Annotations and Features. When the matter was raised before a division bench by Justice Nitin Jamdar and judges Abhay Ahuja, the advocate for the Jyoti Chavan government, sought time to come up with a response. Accordingly, the court asked the state government to comment on two of the the matter further Hearing on February 6.

KP Actress Anushka Sharma approached the Bombay High Court to challenge the arrest warrants of the Deputy Commissioner, of Sales Tax by increasing their quotas for the years of the assessment 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 based on Maharashtra value Added tax law. She asked the Supreme Court to overturn the state tax agency’s order, and said that she is not taxed as an actress. In her petition, submitted by her Attorney Sharma said the rate applied to him was higher than the average rate of an actor or performer.

Her plea said that the adjudicating officer falsely claimed it was she had acquired and sold the copyright through endorsements and anchoring or transferred it herself. In the meantime The Bombay High Court had previously criticized Anushka Sharma, saying she “didn’t do it and there is no reason why the person concerned (Anushka) could not submit the petitions herself.”

The actress, through her attorney Deepak Bapat, has pointed out that the copyright of Videos is always kept by the producer who also owns the said videos, and the Performer’s Rights are Not Transferable or Sellable.

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