Anusha Dandekar Reacts To The Trolls After They Mock Her Wanting To Take Suhana Khan’s Interview

Anusha Dandekar has slammed the trolls in a lengthy social media post after they mocked her for wanting to take Suhana Khan’s interview forcefully.

The recent two-day NMACC launch was a gala night that brought together popular Hollywood and Bollywood stars, and those two days of the event are unforgivable for many reasons. Anusha Dandekar, a well-known entertainment personality best known as the host of several award shows and a video jockey, was one of the hosts at NMACC. While Anusha was enjoying herself by doing what she loves and interviewing the celebrities who made stunning appearances, the host was making headlines for an incident that occurred at the event. According to the viral videos, Gauri Khan refused to take the interview with her daughter, Suhana Khan.

A video of the mother-daughter duo, Gauri and Suahana, arriving for the event has surfaced on the internet. Anusha hugs and kisses them before bringing Suhana forward to take her byte. However, Gauri, who is seen in the video nodding her head sideways in disagreement and quickly holding Suhana’s hand and refusing to give an interview, is seen in the video refusing to give an interview. The host has been trolled on the internet as a result of this. Some called Gauri rude for not allowing her to speak to Anusha, while others mocked the host for forcing a byte.

Now, Anusha has slammed the trolls in a lengthy social media post. She wrote on her official Instagram story, “This constant controversy you are trying to create just because you want to be haters and because you are so called fans of people who weren’t at this event, you want to try and make sure I somehow come out looking bad, well sorry I can’t be part of your plan.” Anusha further added, “Some people don’t like to give interviews and never have, and that’s totally okay. And some have to wait for their release before they do any interviews. THE END. I think I did a great job, and I’m really good at what I do…but no one’s stopping you from trying my job if you have so many opinions. I wish you happiness, so you will finally stop being bullies.”

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